Thieves beware

If the ball is too big for your mouth, you should probably get yourself a new ball, because THAT ball has been in someone else’s mouth and it’s probably infected with all kinds of germs and such. Honestly, I fail to comprehend why anyone would be stealing anyone else’s ball. Such silliness. I’m most vexed. …

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Boot Camp

Well, that’s Sandrine off on her funny little holiday. Come to think of it, I’ve heard that those car boot camps (not to be confused with ‘car-boot camps’, where you go camping in a car boot) can be quite brutal, so maybe calling it a ‘holiday’ isn’t correct. We DO seem to have quite a …

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The Right Accessory

If I was ever made into an action figure, I don’t think I’d want it released unless it had kung fu action grip. It really is a baseline for all figurines, or at least, I think it should be. So many manufacturers just don’t understand the value of your action figure being able to easily …

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