Superior Car Repairs

My best mate is obsessed with living in Adelaide. He has such a superiority complex with these sorts of things. No matter what he does, how he does it, where he lives or the products he uses – he has to convince everyone he has it better than everyone else. It’s bizarre and it’s the one thing about him that I actually really don’t like. 

Like, living in Adelaide is good but it’s definitely not the best place to live in Australia. Our major supermarkets in the CBD don’t even open until 10 am. If we were living in Melbourne or something like that, the supermarkets would never close. If I even bothered to tell my friend about this, he’d probably ramble on about how easy it is to book into car repair shops in Adelaide. Does anyone actually care though? It’s such a weird thing to want to compete with people on. 

Anyway, it’s not really my problem. I don’t care what he needs to tell himself in order to sleep better at night. It’s actually pretty funny what he has to do and say to feel better than everyone else. I’ve never had that sort of personality. I’m not a competitive person and I’m personally very happy to see everyone succeed. I don’t think I need to compete with other people to be my own successful person. 

Like when I go to Melbourne for a holiday over the Christmas holidays, I’m not going to strike up a conversation with a Melbournian and be like “haha you have to book in to visit the car mechanic. In the Adelaide CBD, we don’t.” I won’t be making any friends if I start saying stuff like that. If I hadn’t known my friend since primary school, I probably wouldn’t be his friend either.

My rant about my friend is over. I love him like a brother, but sometimes I just have to get these sorts of things off my chest.