No games inside

Having kids is one thing but having three boys is a whole different struggle – especially when the boys are at the hyperactive ages of nine, eight and six. They all have so much energy that they’re ready to explode. It also doesn’t help that they all egg each other on. Everything has to be a competition whether it’s getting to the front seat of the car or getting the last cookie. They’re constantly outdoing each other. To top it off, they know they can nearly get away with everything with me. I get so busy during the day trying to manage everything else in the household, sometimes I struggle to keep track of what they’re doing. Yesterday was a different day. I don’t think I have ever yelled so loud in my life. I was folding laundry and from the corner of my eye, I could see the boys running around with toy swords. I told them numerous times to stop running in the house. Suddenly I hear a loud bang followed by silence. I knew something had happened so I walked over and saw all three of them staring at a wall with a giant hole. Admittedly, I struggled to keep my cool. The entire wall needed a plaster repair because one of the boys had smashed the sword through the wall. I have no idea which one of them did it or who I should be blaming as none of them will fess up. This leads me to believe that they either have immense loyalty, which is cute, or they’re all to blame.

The fact that this has happened only two months after getting our interiors repainted is extremely frustrating. Once again I will have to book a painter. Melbourne is a busy city so I just pray I can book one to come here as soon as possible. The only upside to this event is that the boys have been acting like total angels. I only expect this behaviour to last a week – then the craziness will start again. Boys will be boys, hey?