(Single) Origin Story

Pun intended.

Kerbside kicked off in 2017 when twins Malcolm ‘Demon’ and Hansel ‘Pigeon’ Crestwich decided to take a chance on serving the best coffee in town, without compromising their laidback skater ethos. It has since become a word-of-mouth phenomenon, bringing together the worlds of street culture, coffee culture and ‘wellness’ culture.

Drawing on their own experiences as troubled teens, Pigeon and Demon felt called to try out a social initiative for local youth. Assisted by close friend and youth/social worker Mel Masters, they set up their (still unnamed) autonomous kitchen/hangout zone for high schoolers at the back of the cafe.

This proved an unexpected success, and soon received a generous grant from a national youth projects funding body to formalise and expand its offerings. Ultimately, though, the grant was rejected, as the casual and spontaneous nature of the teen kitchen was roundly identified as the key to its success.

Kerbside’s main kitchen continues to lead the charge in fine coffee brews, devastatingly good food and the freshest local street art.