Beans, Brews and Eats


We use Bean Temple’s signature blends in all our coffees.

Sneak is a smooth, stealthy blend laced with dark acidity and an earthy fragrance.

Pump is a sharp concoction, featuring leather notes that build to a symphony of creamy chocolate tones.



As cutting-edge coffee nerds, we can’t help but offer a plethora of options for the discerning sipper. Whether it’s espresso, cold drip or something else you need, we’re serving it with gusto.

Our secret speciality is our range of hot elixirs, which match minimally processed, high grade cacao with ethically sourced medicinal and tonic herbal ingredients.

Also on offer are our famous loaded smoothies, where you’ll find everything from high quality plant-based protein products and keto bombs to local, seasonal fruits and biodynamic probiotics.



Yep, we have some. Choose from our ever-changing selection of sandwiches on locally made breads (including stone ground sourdough, wheat-free and paleo), or grab one of our ‘life changing’ all-organic salads. Come round any day of the week to see what we’ve got on offer.

Our current favourites include:

– Vegan and gluten-free buckwheat pancakes, served with coconut ice cream and a variety of fresh fruits.

– Aioli dip and pumpkin wedges, seasoned with a healthy coating of saffron and thyme.

– Classic toast. What’s so classic about it? You’ll have to visit and find out.