Obligatory Car Service

Hello hello! Another update. I’m currently getting my car checked by the local mechanic in Hobart. I didn’t have any time to explain to the mechanic what I needed and why, so I just left a note on my driver’s seat and went to a local hostel for some food and a nap. I’ve woken up from my nap just now, which is why I’ve got a chance to write an update. Apologies for the bad grammar or spelling mistakes, I’m in my groggy post-nap state.

Whilst I was napping I had a dream that there was a heap wrong with my car. I dreamt that I had destroyed my wheels and needed an urgent wheel alignment. Hobart isn’t a rough city driving wise, but I dreamt that I had hit a massive pothole and it destroyed my car. I guess I’m slightly more nervous about making it around Australia than my conscience lets on. At least when I woke up I realised that it was just a terrible dream. You should’ve seen how relieved I was just moments ago when I woke up in the hostel knowing that my car was safe and sound at the mechanic.

I have one more hour to relax before picking up my car. I’m not expecting that I’ll need any sort of car repairs. Hobart roads really wouldn’t have done any damage to my car, contrary to what my dream self believes, and so I’m not worried about any unexpected repairs. In fact, I’m planning on driving straight out of the mechanic workshop and onto my next location, Cambridge, Tasmania, within three minutes of picking up my car.

I’ve pretty much got the whole country to go, and I’m excited. It’s a long road ahead but it’ll be a quick one, seeing as that’s the entire point of my trip around Australia anyway. Here’s to stopping in every major city for approximately four hours per location.