Love My Mechanic

Would you believe that a friend of mine had the audacity to recommend that I stop going to my mechanic and start going to hers? I was shocked. Does she not know that finding the right mechanic is like finding the perfect pair of jeans? Finding a mechanic that is just right takes work and time, there is no way that I’m going to give up my mechanic based on her recommendations.

I would only ever trust a car mechanic local to Brunswick to look after my car. My car is rather old and has different needs to your stock standard, conventional cars, and my usual mechanic knows how to fix her up just right. I swear he’s actually a miracle worker. I drove her into his workshop six years ago when I thought she was on her last legs, and he revived her from nothing and she’s been working ever since. He’s definitely the best mechanic in Melbourne.

When he saw how bad a shape my car was in six years ago, he said that I should get a new roadworthy certificate just to be sure that my car was in a condition good enough for driving. I found the fact that he suggested this very thoughtful and endearing, and was extremely happy to oblige. I love keeping myself safe, and if getting the health of my car properly diagnosed achieves that, then that’s something I’m willing to do.

I would never willingly leave my mechanic. He is in his early fifties so he may retire in fifteen years or so, but until then I will be his most loyal customer. I’ll be devastated when he retires, but I know that I can trust him to refer me to a mechanic who is almost as good as him. When I have something that I love, I don’t like to let it go. But I’ll let him go when he’s ready.