Working Air Conditioning

I’ve just moved back into my parents’ house because I’m going back to university full time to do my Masters. I’ve got a five year plan and I won’t be able to achieve it if I work full time and go to university part time, and so I’ve had to quit my job. Obviously quitting my job means that I can’t afford rent, and so moving back in with my parents is my only option. I’m only twenty-five so it’s no biggie. No one would think it was weird.

Being back with my parents is actually pretty good. I rarely have to cook anymore because I just eat whatever they do, which gives me more time to study and therefore more time to chill. The only bad part about living with them is their lack of concern around the fact that their air conditioning doesn’t work. Apparently, they don’t feel the heat like I do and so it’s no big deal if they can’t turn it on. Here I am sweltering, and they’re just kicking back as though they’ve never heard of air conditioner repairs. Canberra isn’t that hot, but it’s hot to me.

Seeing as I’m not going to be earning any money for the next two years, I have to live extremely frugally. I’ve only allowed myself to spend money on things that are absolute necessities for the foreseeable future, which means less beers on a Saturday night and more free waters. I’ve been thinking it over for the past couple of days, and I’ve decided it’s necessary for me to pay for air conditioning maintenance. Near Canberra, there should be someone who can do it at a competitive price. Masters students are expected to compete at all levels, which means I need good study conditions in order to be competitive. Being able to study in a cool environment is necessary for my academic success. 

I’ll be getting my parents’ air conditioning repaired next week. I can’t wait to have that cold airflow onto my face.