Destroyed Shower Grout

I’m concerned about the way in which my husband uses our bathroom. I’m never in the bathroom when he uses it, obviously, but when I go in after him, the bathroom is a mess. It’s progressed from leaving towels on the floor to leaving taps running to… this. 

Yesterday when I used the bathroom after my husband, he had dug all the shower grout out from in between the tiles. I couldn’t believe it. That goes way beyond just leaving the bathroom in a messy state… I literally had to call an expert to come and do a shower grout repair next week. This whole thing is extremely concerning. 

I’ve asked my husband and he claims he doesn’t know anything about it, and that he uses the bathroom the same way I do. I’m dumbfounded. Is this some sort of disorder rearing its ugly head? Should I get him therapy? I’m genuinely asking for advice.

I can’t call the bathroom designers in Melbourne every time my husband does something weird with the bathroom. We literally can’t afford it. We’re only on one wage. I would also die from embarrassment if other people knew just how weird my husband is. When I called the bathroom designers about the shower grout repair, I told them that it had been old and cracked for a long time. They would know I was lying if I had to call them back again with another problem only a few weeks later.

Wow, I really don’t know what to do. If anyone out there has had any experience with a loved one absolutely destroying a bathroom for no reason, please reach out. I can’t even stress how badly I need help and advice. I know this isn’t normal, but I’m really at a loss as to how I should approach this situation.

I love my husband, but man, this is not okay.