Destroyed Shower Grout

I’m concerned about the way in which my husband uses our bathroom. I’m never in the bathroom when he uses it, obviously, but when I go in after him, the bathroom is a mess. It’s progressed from leaving towels on the floor to leaving taps running to… this.  Yesterday when I used the bathroom after …

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High Concept Interiors

There’s a lot of talk about trends in interior design. You know the type of headline: ‘20 Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2020’, ‘New Cabinet Colours Trending this Summer’ and the like. But what about concepts? I want to see a listing of the most fully realised and beautifully executed concept interiors. I’m picturing a …

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Inflating Expectations

When it comes to houses, there are some things that are simply non-negotiable for me. One such thing is a decent bathtub. I’m aware that not everyone feels this way – it’s all too apparent every time I’ve been faced with the sad reality of not having access to one. Candice cares much less about …

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