Car Troubles

I find it extremely difficult to keep on top of car maintenance. When I bought my car two years ago, I wasn’t expecting to have to get it serviced and repaired so often. I thought that maybe once it got old I’d have to service it a lot, but it’s a brand new car. Why does it need a service every six months?

Initially I thought it may have been an issue with my mechanic and that they wanted more money, but when I brought it up with my parents, they said it’s written in my logbook how often I need to get my car serviced. Apparently, this is a requirement for it to stay in warranty. Who knew?

It seems like such a scam that every six months I need yet another car service. Around Midvale, where I do most of my driving, the terrain is not exactly harsh. I was truly surprised to learn that my car needed so much work.

I’m a uni student with very little in the way of spare funds, and I’ve had to start saving for my car expenses instead of being able to spend my money. It sucks because I want to be able to go out to brunch with my friends, go to the beach and get to work easily, but I can’t do any of that without a working car. Obviously this means that I have to suck it up and pay to get my car serviced every other month, but it really isn’t ideal. 

At my latest service, my car required an auto suspension repair. This wasn’t in my logbook, but apparently something had gone wrong and it needed to be repaired. I didn’t have spare funds allocated for this in the budget and so I had to borrow money off my parents for it. I might be able to claim it on the warranty but honestly, at this point it seems like having a car is more trouble than it’s worth.