Boot Camp

Well, that’s Sandrine off on her funny little holiday. Come to think of it, I’ve heard that those car boot camps (not to be confused with ‘car-boot camps’, where you go camping in a car boot) can be quite brutal, so maybe calling it a ‘holiday’ isn’t correct.

We DO seem to have quite a lot of car mishaps around here! We can’t help it, though. It’s not like they teach you about cars in school, so how was I supposed to know that that low hum when you turn the key is totally fine? I’ll tell you what, the car mechanics Ringwood locals are lucky enough to have around are always terribly nice when I come to them with these sort of problems.

I tell them what I think are important things to know, like how sometimes when I close the car door it doesn’t quite close properly, so I have to close it again, a bit harder. Now, does that sound normal to you? Or how on occasion I forget which side is the windscreen wipers and which is the indicator. Is that healthy, do you think? As in, is there a rule that says you’re only EVER supposed to use the wipers when it’s raining? And how much rain is justified? I actually haven’t asked the mechanics about this one yet; I was planning to take the afternoon off so I could pop down and get some advice. Unfortunately, Sandrine has left Gary in charge and he’s taken a bit more of an authoritarian stance. No going out during the day for l, even if we have serious issue of windscreen wipers not being used at the appropriate time.

I’m just hoping Sandrine gets back from her boot camp soon so she can help us out with all our mechanical issues. I’m hoping she can do a proper roadworthy certificate test. Ringwood always needs more people who can conduct those, and mine is… well, just a few months overdue.