Everyone Has Needs

Goodness, they still make fruit roll-ups? With all this push for healthy kids nowadays, I would’ve thought they’d put a moratorium on that one. But I guess fast food and chocolate isles in the supermarkets are still thriving, so as long as the human craving for sugar still exists, there will be unhealthy snacks.

For some people I seriously think that sweet things are high in their pyramid of needs. Not me, personally…but some people. You’ve got food and warmth down at the bottom, the latter of which I personally feel like I need more. Cheryl said that we can just get her cousin Rob to fix the ducted heating, to which I said, “Madame, I say unto you, nay.”

When it comes to central heating system servicing, Sydney has some of the best. And in my book, it’s the best or it’s nothing. You have to spend money on things in life, things that are important to you, and this just happens to be one of mine. My brother is capable of just putting on a jumper and some slippers and he’s happy enough, but then if he doesn’t have dessert after every meal he gets twitchy. He’s a sweet fiend and if he didn’t spend so much time on the treadmill he’d be a land-whale.

I’ve seen these cravings, and they seem pretty serious. Sort of like how I have to be warm, all the time. The gas heating at our office is truly terrible, and I have more than once been caught with my hands on the dial, trying to sneakily turn it up. But the boss only lets us turn it up if it’s like one of those winters from the disaster movies where you flash freeze as soon as you step outside. Everyone thinks it’s cold…that’s not the problem. They just have different levels of resistance.

Like, I need a really highly rated Sydney heating maintenance company to get my stuff done, and Joe needs to have the really good quality dark chocolate in the pantry to take away his cravings, and we all have our vices, basically.