True Job Satisfaction

I am ALL about young people getting fulfilling jobs. Not that it’s not a noble cause to begin with, but I read an article written about millennials (that’s me!) where it said that we’re all obsessed with finding career fulfilment and enjoying every day of our jobs, instead of working hard to support a family and all that. Obviously, my immediate thought was…well, I guess we are, right? Someone wrote about it in a magazine, and I’m not going to question that kind of authority. It was even in print and not online! The only thing that would be more convincing is if an alien monolith was dug up in the Himalayas, sent from a distant galaxy, and printed on the side was ‘Millennials do kinda have a warped idea of job satisfaction.’

Maybe I should be promoting the services of youth career advisors. Melbourne is just full of millennials, like me, and we’re all so lacking in proper career knowledge. We all think that our jobs should be pizza Wednesdays and bring-your-dog Fridays and throwback Thursdays and casual…Fridays, also. We need career coaches and career advisers to break us out of this stupor and help us to realise that it’s not all going to be sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes we have to adhere to dress codes, go to meetings, and work in an office where there are NO dogs. Heaven forbid, we might even have to endure hot-desking. 

I don’t quite know how I can effectively shill this sort of thing, but I DO think that all schools should have access to professional career coaching, both to help them find a fulfilling job and to prepare them for the rigours of cramming oneself onto a train with ten thousand, thousand, thousand commuters. It can be a harsh reality check. Not for me, because I live across the street from the ice-creamery…but some people. Some millennials need a metaphorical boot in the pants from career counselling specialists, Melbourne’s finest will kick them into gear. 

Not me, I must emphasise. I have very realistic expectations for my six level marketing gigs.