Behold the Ghost Ship!

I should probably be careful around the sea. As a spooky skeleton, I don’t actually think I float like people do, because there’s nothing ‘inside’ me, if you get the science. No air, no gas; I’d just sink right to the bottom and find a new career spooking cuttlefish. And that sounds a bit boring. The world would never know what happened to Boney Mac, for one thing.

But boats are SO much fun!! I can see why ghost ships are such a big deal in modern myth, because a ship emerging from the night fog is truly one of the most chilling images possible, surely. Oh, and you know what? Here in Melbourne, boat repair and servicing specialists must surely be preparing for a spooktacular Halloween! Yes, I can see Melbourne’s whole bay covered in boats, all of them decked out for the greatest holiday of the year, with people being spooked all night long and going home fulfilled!

I haven’t actually been alive long enough to experience Halloween, so I can only imagine what a wonderful time we’ll all be having. However, I should hang around the docks, see what the boat mechanics and anchor winch specialists are up to. Something fun and spooky, no doubt.

People here really seem to like their boats, so I have seen. The weather grows warmer, people are more disposed to the act of going outside, and the days are also longer, which does tend to make spooking a bit more difficult. At the very least, I’m no longer bothered by the heat or cold, or exhaustion. I can dance an unearthly jig all night long, should I so choose. 

Oh, having my OWN boat would be wonderful. I could emerge from the mist, like a skeletal ghost pirate, very spooky and oodles of fun! 

This is the best idea ever, and I need to make to happen. I need to save up from my DJ work, find out the best Melbourne outboard motor services around, and then…

Well, I’ll be a spooky ghost pirate, in time for Halloween!

-Rattlebones McSkulliam