Such Vexing Silliness

I get that the world of the virtual is pretty much supposed to be a place for freedom, but some people are taking this to the limit. Over-Botch just gave us an entirely new set of accessories, which were fairly limited before. No one cared, because this is a game focusing on career realism, but hey, now you can wear a pink jumpsuit or mouse ears. If you want.

But not to work. Seriously, I rolled up to get an air con unit fixed and the guy in the shop was wearing a pumpkin on his head. And somehow, the pumpkin had a pretty pink bow on the top.

Oh my actual gosh, why? I’d understand if you wanted a red leather bag for your character, or something. Handbags are a respectable accessory, and I don’t lose all respect for someone when I see them with a shoulder bag. Even if it’s red leather, which isn’t my personal thing, but whatever. It’s functional, both in the real world and in Over-Botch, since you can place items inside your bag up to a maximum capacity.

A giant pumpkin on your head is not functional. It doesn’t help you in any way. It makes you look silly. I refuse to do business with someone who so obviously cannot take business seriously, just as I would do in real life, so there. I’ll go and get my air con fixed by a person who wears something functional, like overalls or a sensible polo shirt.

I might sound like I’m nitpicking, but this game is never going to be taken seriously if the players don’t take it seriously. The buck stops with us at showing that this game is a reputable career training zone, and we’re not going to get far if people are strapping on cat ears and painting their skin bright orange.

I should encourage a shoulder bag revolution. Just, like…soft leather shoulder bags everywhere. All stylish and high-branded, just like the ones in real life. They’re all the accessories a person could ever need.