Home Ownership…Wow

You know, some people in this class have a clear advantage over others. I myself do not resemble humans in any way, shape or form, and my holographic glamour only works in short bursts. But now there’s this new guy, and he’s from Earth. That’s just unfair. I think our grades should be adjusted according to how much effort we have to put in, and I don’t care that he’s from an ancient civilisation, the point still stands.

For example, today we were talking about home ownership and the many ways one might go about buying a home. Where I am from, there’s no such thing as ownership- the strong simply take from the weak and keep whatever it is until someone stronger wrenches it out of their hands- so me learning about the inner workings of the Melbourne based property advocate profession is something that’s going to take me a little bit longer to grasp. So…normal ownership of a home is when you walk into a place, decide that you like it, and say that it will be yours. All of that sounds good to me, if I’m honest. That’s the way I’m used to doing things.

But then, things spiral way out of my realm of experience, because you need to have vast quantities of currency, sit and desks, and make marks upon many, many thin pieces of dead Earth tree that is apparently supposed to be an agreement of some kind, even though it is merely signed in ink and is in no way physically binding.

And buyers advocates? They are an additional part of the process, a service for people who need expertise on the exact type of place they are buying. They are experts…in finding. I guess that makes them scouts, but for the purpose of ownership, which I suppose is very useful for people in Melbourne but strange to me.

Where I’m from, if a scout finds something they like, they take it. And if they don’t hide it well enough, the strong take it from them. That would be difficult with a home, however.