Go, Baby Turtle!

Fascinating feature yesterday on the plight of baby sea turtles. The rates of sea turtles reaching maturity is incredibly low, because sometimes the eggs get eaten by predators, the babies get eaten before they reach the ocean, and then once they get to the ocean it’s a whole new world of dangers for tiny babies …

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Home Ownership…Wow

You know, some people in this class have a clear advantage over others. I myself do not resemble humans in any way, shape or form, and my holographic glamour only works in short bursts. But now there’s this new guy, and he’s from Earth. That’s just unfair. I think our grades should be adjusted according …

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The Right Smile

Not all is well in the office. This ‘Lottie’ was the first one to suspect, and now she is spreading the suspicions around the office in a very subtle way that is hard to combat. I’m currently processing a plan of action with newly-acquired data. Maybe it was the advice that I gave (via proxy) …

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