Bring Me Boots!

Bah, shoes! I don’t see what’s wrong with a nice, solid pair of dragon leather boots, preferably enchanted so that they repel water, keep your feet super cozy and allow you to soar through the air if you think enough good thoughts.  I haven’t seen any dragons in this realm, but that’s no excuse. They …

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Musings On Medicine

Medicine is such a weird phenomenon. Do you ever stop and just go, wow, how is this a thing? Maybe it’s just me, but surely it’s worth taking the time to appreciate just how improbable it is that we meat sacks in space have managed to piece together how to… well, piece our bodies back …

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Give ’em a Break

That poor family down the road – they’ve really been through the wringer lately. Six months ago, their back unit burnt down. A couple of months after that, the whole family came down with the flu. Then, just last week, they had a leak in their gas system and their eight year-old got carbon monoxide …

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