Stupid Ghost Boat

I suppose if you asked me about the main purpose of a railing, I’d say that it’s to stop things from falling off a platform – things like people, and… well, mostly just people, I guess. Currently, my boat doesn’t have a bow rail, so I suppose there’s always the clear and present danger that I’m going to topple into the sea.

Golly, that does sound like trouble. I’d best look into the possibility for bow rail installation as soon as possible. I don’t know. I’m new to this world of boats; it’s just like walking into a new school for the first time. Everyone here knows the terrain (ocean), they’re up with the lingo, they now just what to do in all weathers, and they definitely know how to keep a boat in good nick.

Meanwhile, my dead uncle has stuck me with the Neighbelline, a stupid boat with a figurehead shaped like a horse that has the blonde curls of an 80s pop star for some reason. It’s just Bonnie Tyler all up in that wooden horse, except the paint is flaking off and creating something truly horrific. I’d just scrap the whole thing, except at the reading of the will I was assured that my uncle loved this boat like it was a child. Like, they really hammered in the point, so much so that I’m pretty sure that his ghost is haunting the boat and I feel bad about getting rid of it. Also, my desk calendar told me that I was going to face a new challenge, but from that challenge would spring a new and exciting hobby. I mean, that one came up on the calendar back in March, but it doesn’t seem to have happened yet. 

Boats: just like the first day of school, with a bunch of kids who know the school and know each other. Is there some required reading on the various marine welding services Melbourne has to offer, just to get me started? I’ll give sailing a chance, but if this fails, I’m selling the thing – ghost or no ghost.