Butter Not Go There

My brother, Ted, won’t shut up about his latest obsession: ketogenic eating. I’ve told him numerous times that I don’t want to hear about his nutritional exploits, especially if they’re informed by something he heard on a podcast. It’s not that I flat-out don’t care; it’s just that I don’t have time to be regaled with how great some flash-in-the-pan dietary trend is – at least not on a weekly basis. 

It would be okay if it was just a passing comment, or even a back and forth discussion, but Ted tends to get over-excited and go off the tracks on wild trains of thought that leave me feeling… well, exhausted. To be fair, if I was going to go on a men’s weight loss meal plan, I’d probably be telling everyone who’d listen as well, just so they were aware that I might be a tad on the hungry side. But the fact is that I’m not on any such thing, so you won’t be hearing any ranting from me. 

It’s true that this keto meal delivery business sounds pretty darned convenient – Ted might be singing its praises to excess, but you can’t really argue with the convenience factor. I like cooking and everything, which is part of why I get a bit cynical about this sort of thing, but there are definitely days when it seems far easier to live on peanut butter on toast. There’d be none of that on Ted’s keto eating plan, which is precisely the point, I suppose. Having meals at the ready would disincentive the consumption of peanut butter on toast, at least in theory. 

Listen to me, raving on about how handy it would be to have pre-made keto meals in the fridge, and just as I’ve been complaining about Ted doing the very same thing. This is the problem, mind you. Going on and on about keto diets is catching.