Query Accepted

I can’t believe it! I mean, I totally can believe it because my work is awesome and there’s no reason a literary agent wouldn’t want it, but I can’t believe it! Janet McCallom wants to sign me on as her first-ever author! This is so exciting. I’m only a few steps away from my massive advance, which means it’s time to start thinking about how I’m gonna spend that sweet cash.

Obviously a lot of it is going toward my new mansion, but after that, I should still have some money left to spend. I’m thinking I’ll find the best steel suppliers for the Melbourne area and commission them to create a sword for me. I’d love to have a replica of Giggle McWiggle’s sword, the Master Blade, Sword of the South and Summoner of Zombies. It’s a pretty awesome sword, which looks like a combination of Argon’s sword in King of the Bling 3: The King Comes Home and Lonk’s sword from the Myth of Zoe series. But I’m sure nobody will be able to pick up on the inspiration. I hope it’s a project that the best Melbourne steel fabricators would be willing to take on.

I’m actually going to get published. It’s an incredible feeling, knowing that somebody else thinks my work is brilliant. I always knew it was brilliant, but now I can say that without looking arrogant because I have a literary agent. It was a pretty risky move sending her six and a half manuscripts when she only asked for one, but it looks like she enjoyed every one of the six thousand pages.

Tonight I’m going to celebrate my victory with all my friends. We’ll have a huge party filled with food and drinks, so come around if you’re in the Melbourne area! Everything is on me, because I can afford it as a future best-selling author. So come to my new mansion and have a good time! Don’t forget to bring a gift, because this is a party after all.