The Right Smile

Not all is well in the office.

This ‘Lottie’ was the first one to suspect, and now she is spreading the suspicions around the office in a very subtle way that is hard to combat. I’m currently processing a plan of action with newly-acquired data.

Maybe it was the advice that I gave (via proxy) regarding buyers advocates in Melbourne. Home ownership is such a deep topic, carrying with it plenty of quantifiable data and paperwork and figures (all of which I grasp fairly easily) but also a great deal of emotional significance. Not having been attached to a ‘thing’ in that way, I struggle to understand it. Lottie was discussing the prospect of purchasing a home with her significant other, the unseen one who is called Dave, and I thought I read the vibe of the conversation competently. Apparently I did not do so, because Lottie seemed ill-at-ease with my aid, despite promising to apply my powers of research, and also employing the best, most genuine smile I could muster. I received a B- in my facial expressions last class…what went wrong??

I have to find out. Perhaps operating two forms really is too much of a strain upon my admittedly-formidable mind. Or…I got something wrong in my approach to do with buyers advocacy. Buyers advocates…licensed professionals that aid clients in the process of finding property, as well as handling the negotiation process.

Oh, like on the show Hoity-Toity Home Squiz, one of my favourite things to watch! It’s a housing show from the United Kingdom, and it’s exactly that: the people (property experts from Melbourne, actually) find the home, the clients like it, they negotiate, offer accepted, roll credits.

Maybe Lottie is a fan. Humans love shared interests.

If not…well, there’s always reliable option B.