Suddenly, Balustrades Everywhere

Got to hand it to the development team at Over-Botch: sometimes it really does seem like they play their own game, and maybe even know a little more about it than the average player. I didn’t think putting a specialised glazier role focusing on balustrades would be popular or well-implemented, but they managed to pull it off flawlessly. Now the Melbourne glass balustrading industry is being played out at all levels, and we just had our first pro-player in the Over-Botch League start to main the role, with great success.

I guess I never thought about balustrading all that much, what with all the places I’ve lived in my life being only a single story. In fact, I’ve barely even thought about windows, because the last place I lived in didn’t have any. I mean, I paid less rent because it was a small interior room right in the middle of the lounge, sort of… the layout is hard to describe, but yeah, it was very strange architecture. Windows are important, kids; end of story.

Anyway, it turns out that being a glazier as a job has been around in the game for ages. Loads of people are glaziers. It has a number of perks and you can earn commission, which is always a draw if you have extra time to sink into playing. But still, specialising in baulstrades? That’s a real thing, apparently, and people are going nuts for it as they often do for new stuff. Not saying I myself want to jump into being a provider of that specific glazing service. I’m just saying that I think it’s a genuinely decent addition to the game. It took me by surprise, but… bravo, Gizzard. You’ve taken us all by surprise.

Maybe this is a trend in the real world – for example, everyone suddenly calling for glass repair companies. Melbourne then becomes known for its dramatic, sweeping balustrades. It’s probably appeared on an episode of Week of Our Lives already.