Parking Mad

Well, well… if it isn’t my old friend, school traffic. We’ve always been buddies, haven’t we? We’ve had some good times. Remember when I went to pick up Tabitha from her first day of big school and got sandwiched in the wrong lane, then pulled over by a police officer while half the cars on the road blared their horns in unison? Tabitha might have been the tiniest bit traumatised, but hey – it was a teachable moment. I pride myself on the fact that Tabitha has been all too happy to catch the bus ever since.

Today, though, the bus drivers are on strike, so here I am, parked in the most improbable space and wondering how I’m going to pull out onto the road again, let alone get into the right lane to make my turn. Doing it with Tabitha in the car is going to be even more of a challenge, as I’m pretty sure she judges my driving ever since the aforementioned altercation. Am I to blame, though? 

If anyone should be copping this, it’s the school for not hiring better car park design consultants. Given the amount I pay to send my kids here, you’d think they could have got someone who knows a turning circle diagram from their left elbow. That might sound harsh, but I’m pretty sure that half the problem is people not being able to get out of the car park once they’ve gotten in. 

While they were at it, they could have gotten someone to write up a green travel plan. For Melbourne kids, bicycling to school is a viable option, and building in a bike track and racks might have been a better solution than this god-forsaken parking lot. I’m no expert, but any fool can see that encouraging more cars to turn up at pick-up time is a recipe for chaos. 

On the plus side, I hardly ever have to do this, so tomorrow I can go back to being casual acquainted with school traffic.