Kitty Traffic Management

I am so pumped for 3:35pm every single day. It’s great having something I can look forward to, even though I’m usually at work during that time and I have to slink away from the counter for a few minutes. You see, that’s the time when Tabby Crawshaw’s new video gets posted, every single weekday, and they’re always amazing.

Amazingly funny, but also, insightful. Currently there’s an ongoing series where Tabby Crawshaw dresses up in little kitty outfits and highlights a job, like doctor or sewage worker. Oh, OH… there was this hilarious one the other day where he dressed up like a car park design consultant, which I didn’t even know was a thing. But then I was like, of course it’s a real thing. Car parks and road systems don’t just design themselves. Someone plans out the way the road goes so we don’t end up with total calamity, like in Mulgravnia.

See, this is why these videos are so insightful. I never would have known that traffic engineers have such an impact on all of our lives if a viral video star tabby cat hadn’t been dressed up in a little suit and tie and filmed walking around a small simulacrum of a half-built parking garage, with phrases such as ‘has ramp, I like’ and ‘car placement good, but where big kitty litter?’ flashing up on the screen. 

I mean, you can see why I stop my entire day for this utter gold. Learning about traffic management plan preparation, getting some laughs, enriching my soul.

Oh, OH, and then, Tabby Crawshaw was filmed sitting in the middle of one of those mats with a print of a road and a town on it. You know, the ones that little kids can use to drive their toy cars on. Except then…then he…

Oh gosh, I’m laughing so much I can’t even type…

And then, Tabby Crawshaw…he walked across it and ‘said’ stuff like ‘dis road too small and flat’, and ‘as town mayor, I say no dogs allowed.’

Tabby Crawshaw’s channel has it all.