It’s Always Clouds

Such cloudy weather. I’ve learned to make music when it’s incredibly hot, and I’ve learned to create beautiful tunes when I’m freezing cold. I can weave art from rain, hail, hurricanes, tropical storms…but clouds? Clouds are nature’s ‘busy, do not disturb’ sign. It’s like closing the inspiration shop because of unexpected illness. There’s nothing to be made from clouds unless they’re a pleasing shape, and this is just 100% cloud cover. Shapeless. Nothing.

I’ve even been to my favourite hilltop and taken my guitar with me, so that I may strum and find inspiration, but the only inspiring thing was an email from my friend in the north, regarding commercial solar companies in Sydney and how they’re doing great, great things. I guess that was inspiring enough, knowing that there’s sun in Sydney and they’re using it to make the planet healthier.

Before I got that news, the best song I was able to create was one called ‘Clouds, Clouds Forever.’ The lyrics weren’t exactly inspiring: ‘Clouds, mm yeah, clouds, uh-huh, loads of clouds, yeah, yeah, yeah, clouds all over the place, oh yeah, yeah, whee, clouds.’ Look, the music was fine, if I do say so myself. But the words weren’t quite as inspiring until I added the second verse: ‘commercial solar, yee-haw, commercial goodness, you are so good, solar in Sydney, Sydney solar, oh yeah.’

It is, as always a work in progress, but it’s coming along. I’m thinking of adding a bit about Brisbane, commercial solar is incredibly efficient up there become of the amount of sunlight hours. There’s even MORE sun up there than anywhere else in the country. Maybe I really can make great music, based entirely upon the weather in another place, just not this place. What a skill I’ve unlocked!