Interdimensional Sewer Inspector

You see a lot of strange things when you traverse across dimensions, inspecting their unique sewer systems. I’m from Earth originally, so I do call this world my home, which is why I’ve decided to host my blog here. To me, a normal sewer system has pipes and waste moving through it, but that’s not the case everywhere. I applied for the job of sewer inspector in 1943, having no idea that it meant crossing dimensions and gaining immortality. Just a few perks of the job, I suppose.

I found the job notice at the first ever Drain Replacement Melbourne Expo. It promised a “fulfilling job complete with adventure you’ve only ever dreamed of”, and I kind of suspected they were going to ship me out to the war. But lo and behold, I was actually being shipped between dimensions. My first assignment was to investigate the sewers of a planet called Northcote, which is, interestingly, the same name as the Melbourne suburb I grew up in. The world of Northcote is highly technological, so they use their sewers for a totally different purpose than we do. Mostly, their sewers are designed to carry old cables from televisions, computers and other things to the recycling centre, where they are recreated into new ones. Of course, they still get blocked drains. Northcote citizens like to get rid of all their cables at once, and they kind of just shove them all down the drain. It causes some real issues.

What about food and water, where does that go? Good question, one that is easily answered once you know that the people of Northcote have developed technology to the level that they no longer need to eat or drink. All nutrients are inserted through cables and taken out the same way when they are no longer needed. It’s a really odd society when you first look at it, but after eighty years of travelling through dimensions, it actually seems pretty normal to me.