Go, Baby Turtle!

Fascinating feature yesterday on the plight of baby sea turtles. The rates of sea turtles reaching maturity is incredibly low, because sometimes the eggs get eaten by predators, the babies get eaten before they reach the ocean, and then once they get to the ocean it’s a whole new world of dangers for tiny babies like them.

Apparently they gravitate towards the nearest light source, so if there’s another light near the beach, they get confused. Reminds me of people, in a way. You know, I used to be that baby turtle…gravitating towards the nearest light source, namely renting. I’d never even think of getting in contact with a property conveyancing expert here in Melbourne; that was what grown up people did when they had a wife and six babies on the way, and one of those blocky cars that are advertised as being ‘a great family vehicle’. Well, let me tell you, confused little baby turtles: there IS another way. Renting doesn’t have to be forever, even if you don’t feel like you can break out of the cycle.

All you have to do…is have a very rich uncle and literally no other family members. Alright, it’s not for everyone.

This is basically the equivalent of a baby turtle being picked up by an albatross, taken way out to see where there are far fewer predators and then dropped right in the middle of a delicious, nutritious kelp forest. Also, the rich uncle left you a list of really skilled Melbourne title transfer experts before he died, along with his millions, so you know you’re not going to be bamboozled by the home buying process. But hey, some baby turtles get picked up by large seabirds and placed where they want to be, and most of them…don’t. They’re forgotten to time, just like people who rent forever are forgotten to the property ladder. The metaphor still works.