Dusty Drain Clogged

The plumbing in this RV is something I don’t even want to think about. Oscar and Reggie empty the tanks, and otherwise the pipes and sinks drain just fine. So when I went to wash up the breakfast dishes this morning, I had an unpleasant surprise when the drain refused to…well, drain. I suppose this had to happen at some point, but it looks like we have a fully blocked drain on our hands.

Oscar had a quick look, and it seems as if all that dust and debris from our drive through the desert clogged up quite a few things, including our satellite dish and the headlights. Of course, the drains are the biggest problem. And we’re far from those experts in drain unblocking in Melbourne we know so well, so it looks like we’ll have to deal with this ourselves. That said, we’re quite close to the border, and we’ve passed through quite a few towns. Surely most of them have local plumbers or drain specialists who could have a look at our pipes. I think the plumbing on an RV must be roughly the same as that of a house. Pipes take things places, and…well, that’s all I know.

Naturally, Oscar and Reggie have to try to fix it themselves. They’ve tried all the baking soda and vinegar we have, but all it’s done is create a lot of foam and not much else. Ursula even suggested adding salt, but all that did was increase the foam. Apparently we’ll need something  lot stronger if we want to clear out all that desert debris. A drain camera inspection is needed to find the cause of the blockage. We need to properly see where the problem is. Then they can pour whatever they need down the pipes and it’ll be clear in a jiffy.

Honestly, I’m getting a bit worked up simply because I can’t wash the dishes. They tend to pile up after just a day or a meal, and it puts me edge. What I wouldn’t give to ship up a drain repair expert…I suppose we’ll have to make do with the local one in the next town.