A To B

Auctions, contracts, surveyors… oh my! That’s my life at the moment: a big swirling quagmire of things I don’t really understand. I’m coming to grips with some of it, mostly out of desperation to stay afloat. The brutal reality of the property market is that you need to learn to swim, or you’ll sink. That’s the main lesson I’m learning, and I’m learning it fast – which is something, I guess.

Take conveyancers, for example. Until now, I’d never given a second thought to what that job title means. If I really think about it, I suppose I’d assumed it was something to do with moving things – like, conveying them from point A to point B. In a way, that’s not completely off the mark. They do sort of get you from A to B. A is a property being in one name, and B that property being in another name. I realise that’s a pretty rickety metaphor, but hey – I’m trying.

Have you ever gone to hire a conveyancer for property transfer services, and then realised you’ve got no idea what a property transfer actually is? I have. It’s super weird paying someone heaps of money for a service you have zero understanding of. Then again, it kind of makes sense – maybe that’s why you’re paying them all that money. They have expertise that you, quite simply, do not.

Luckily for me, most of the conveyancing companies near Brighton seem to be pretty open to explaining things. I haven’t actually settled on one yet, because I’ve been shopping around, and I’m starting to build up a picture of what it is that they do. This might not be rocket science, but still, I feel kind of proud of myself. I’ve pieced together the meaning of yet another bit of essential terminology! I’ve just got to keep chipping away at it, and soon enough I’ll make it to point B… if I don’t get eaten alive first.