A Disappointment Salad

The only thing worse than chocolate straight out of the fridge is a ham and pineapple salad. Just above chocolate out of the fridge on the hate scale (indicating that it’s not quite as bad) are people in offices who insist on sending emails when you sit two feet behind them, and just above them are people who make you feel guilty for drinking instant coffee.

It’s energy, Darren. You don’t get to give me that look, Rachel. You eat tuna every single day and stink out the whole kitchen, Rachel.

Unsorted list item: people who disagree with you in meetings just so they look like they’re contributing. I came up with the great idea of getting office window tinting in our weekly progress meeting, because people are always complaining about the glare. You know who complains about the glare a lot? Rachel. She wasn’t actually at this meeting, but I just thought I’d mention that.

So yeah, glare. And all the other buildings are getting it in the area, so soon we’ll just be clear-window losers, sitting here with our clear windows all…loser-like. I had a whole little spiel about it, and then Quinn jumps in because she ALWAYS does, and says that maybe we shouldn’t be so hasty. Ah yeah, the stock response when you don’t have a good reason, but you’re desperately trying to think of something contrary. She finally fumbled out something about it costing money, as if I was suggesting that window tinting companies should just come and do work for free.

Such insights, Quinn! Things cost MONEY?? Curse you, Capitalism! You’ve foiled our plans for the last time!

Anyway, she finally managed to fumble her way into suggesting that we put the funds towards commercial decorative glass. Melbourne CBD has quite the glare issue when the sun is high in the afternoon. We need to get a little more branding around the place. My idea was forgotten, tinting isn’t going to happen, and Quinn is officially worse than ham and pineapple salad.